How To Move To Alaska & Live Off The Land

cabin being built in alaska winter

There are some dreams about Alaska that I hear over and over from people who wonder about it once they find out I once lived there for years. Have you seen the Northern Lights? How did you get through winter? How did you sleep during summer? Then, of course, comes the big one, which is …

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Should You Take the Alaska Railroad Tours?

Alaska Railroad Route Map

My love of Alaska hopefully shows through with each of these posts, as it is somewhere that still holds a dear place in my heart. Among the many great experiences I had there, one that I have highly recommended to both visitors and those who had some vacation time is to take the Alaska Railroad …

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Can I Travel Alaska In Winter?

alaska northern lights

Alaska is a state that I have a ton of love for, and this gigantic state that more than lives up to its nickname of “The Last Frontier” and offers a wide land to explore with some of the most unique towns, people, and experiences you can find anywhere. There’s a reason a trip to …

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24 Biggest Adjustments To Living In Alaska

No one should be surprised by the idea that a lot of my articles on here are taking my experience and knowledge with moving to and from Alaska and using that to help others who are looking at doing the same. While there is a lot of information throughout the blog on various specifics, sometimes …

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How to Move to Fairbanks, Alaska

Washed out alcan highway

Fairbanks is definitely a one of a kind city, and I treasure the memories of the four years I lived there. The experience was unlike any other I’ve had in my life before or since, and I’ve had a pretty dang good life as far as experiences go. Fairbanks is the largest city in the …

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How to Move to Barrow Alaska

Barrow AK Aerial Photo

Moving to Alaska is a challenging and often expensive endeavor in general, and that’s when moving to Anchorage, by far and away the easiest place to move to in Alaska from another part of the world. Barrow (now called Utqiagvik, the original native name as of 2016) is challenging to get to even by Alaska …

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