How to Get Around Denali without a Car

Denali National Park Mountain

Denali National Park is one of the most popular attractions in Alaska, and indeed one of the most popular National Parks among frequent U.S. travelers. Anyone who has spent even a short time there can tell you those feelings are understandable. Denali is the tallest mountain in all of North America and an important place …

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How to Travel Alaska without a Car

Alaska is the largest state by far, to the point where as one friend once mentioned: “If you split Alaska in half, Texas would be the 3rd largest state.” The sheer size and scope of the state that is appropriately called “The Last Frontier,” but for those of us who don’t own a car or …

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Is Alaska Safe to Travel Alone?

Denali National Park

One of the questions I get from a lot of my friends is whether or not I think Alaska is safe to travel through alone. I always love talking about this, especially with friends who are seriously contemplating traveling to the Last Frontier for a bit of adventure travel. I get to talk about a …

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Why Alaskan Adventures?

beautiful alaska skies

Why Alaskan adventures? Well fighting off the automatic instinct to be sarcastic and say “Why not?” the simple answer is that the four years and change I spent in the Last Frontier were amazing. I’ve visited multiple times since having to take a job out of state, and though it’s admittedly been a bit since …

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